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Andy Tsui: Art director, designer and creative adventurer...
Currently working as Senior Communication Designer for video game marketing on several award-winning cross-platform titles, reaching millions of players worldwide.

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Something about me

At present, I am a Senior Communication Designer in Hamburg/Germany and working for one of the biggest online games developer and publisher in germany. My job is designing and executing creative concepts for leading-edge marketing solutions for on- and offline media and matching the visual expectation of millions of gamers across the world.

Before, I was an Associate Creative Director for several years at the Frogster Online Gaming GmbH and the Gameforge AG in Berlin/Germany, responsible for art direction, branding, design and visual brand management of various AAA and Free-to-Play titles.

Previous to my career in the games industry, I was co-founder and art director of an award winning design & intermedia agency – working on diverse design, web, 3d and multimedia projects for clients like EgmontEhapa/CultfishMedia, StWB, BlackFoxMusic, neopren records and many more.

Stats & Facts

Several years in the games industry as Associate Creative Director and currently working as Senior Communication Designer for an online games developer and publisher in Hamburg/Germany.

Co-founder and art director of an award-winning intermedia & design agency.

Multi-talented, hard-working and generally a kind and gorgeous person.


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